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        Since its establishment, the company adhere to independent innovation, attaches great importance to the research and development team to develop, and by actively increase r&d investment, continue to promote products and technology innovation, at present has formed a relatively complete technological chain. The company mainly comes from independent research and development of core technology, the main core technology specific as follows: 

        (1) efficient double steam air conditioning system design technology
    Double steam air conditioning system is mainly used in high-end passenger cars, minivans and can effectively improve the interior temperature uniformity and high capacity requirements. Publisher double steam air conditioning system with double steam flow matching technology, top steamed miniaturization technology and steam for low noise technology such as high efficiency double steam air conditioning system design. Issuer after years of research and development manufacturing and research to optimize constantly, become the domestic technology leader in the field. 

        (2) pairs of water cooling module technology
    In the context of energy conservation and emissions reduction requirements, automotive powertrain technology rapid development to the direction of miniaturization, hybrid. Powertrain thermal management is no longer limited to just the engine and transmission, as well as both turbocharged, EGR, motor, etc. Publisher development of double water cooling module technology it is for these new requirements and development. Compared with traditional module, the double water cooling module technical advantages: size decreased 20-30%, 10-15% reduction in weight, air conditioning system energy consumption reduced by 20%, the whole car be arranged more flexible. 

        (3) flow condenser design technology
    Condenser internal working medium flow allocation has a decisive influence on the overall performance. Issuers aweather area of the same premise, the whole application the technology can improve the whole performance condenser 5-7%. 

        (4) in the air conditioning box evaporator surface temperature distribution uniformity design technology
        Air conditioning box inside the evaporator surface temperature distribution uniformity directly determine the wind temperature comfort and has important influence on air conditioning system energy consumption and running stability. Company high monomer on successful development evaporator temperature uniformity, based on the further development of the technology of flow field uniformity of the air conditioning box, including evaporator are windward diversion grid technology, and the wind flow technology, ensure that the product in this important technical indicators on the competitive advantage. 

        (5) HVAC noise optimization design technology
        Company successfully developed the noise optimization techniques including HVAC flow simulation and optimization, blower noise integration control, HVAC passive sound insulation technology. At the same time with blower, actuators and noise is directly related to the important parts suppliers work together to optimize parts monomer noise level. 

        (6) evaporator design optimization process
        Evaporator of the heat exchange capacity and surface uniformity distribution, determine the overall heat exchange capacity of the air conditioning system and the performance of the evaporator surface uniformity. According to the company's technical staff for many years continuously research and development, successfully developed a set of process optimization design method. Companies use the technology successfully developed the process adjustment simple cascading evaporator, parallel flow evaporator, the technology can effectively reduce the kinds of product platform development, help the company to save development costs. 

        (7) internal flow field of oil tanks design optimization technology
        The internal flow field in oil cooler directly determines the oil cooler heat transfer performance of the high and low. Company technical personnel after years of continuous research, using computer flow field analysis and the advanced test method, a substantial increase in the oil cooler in thermal efficiency, and greatly reduce the internal resistance. 

        (8) Microchannel flat tube extrusion technology
        Microchannel aluminum flat tube as the important parts on the car air conditioning heat exchanger, the physical and mechanical properties of the fit and unfit quality directly decides the heat exchanger in the thermal efficiency and the overall size, will affect the safety and comfort of the vehicle. Company adopted a new Direct extrusion technology to replace the previous generation of Conform extrusion technology, in the productivity at the same time, Direct extrusion technology of extrusion ratio, high stability and \"dust\" effect makes the size of the products and get high performance, and further improve the level of production automation company. 

        (9) cleanliness control technology
        The purity of the heat exchanger products is one of the key factors of decision quality, production environment, brazing technology, process, test methods, the purity of the turnover process will affect the company's products. The company adopts fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove surface stains and impurities, effectively guarantee the purity of the parts; To adopt advanced technology for printing ink cleaning effect, effectively guarantee the product stability of brazing; And in the subsequent process of advanced process control methods, to further control the purity of the product. Company through the adoption of the above technology and testing technology, make the company cleanness of heat exchanger products reached the international advanced level. 

        (10) precision stamping technology
        The company USES the precision of stamping process molding board and advanced aluminum alloy heat exchangers in fin stamping process, improve production efficiency, machining precision and stability.

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