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    Besides its headquarters in Chongqing, Chaoli Hi-Tech has also established subsidiary companies in Shanghai, Nanjing, Liuzhou, Ningbo, Xiangtan and Yantai. Every facility embraces the Chaoli culture and provides all-around, first-rate service for each and every customer. With a close connection to market demands and customer needs, Chaoli has and will continue to flourish.

    With established partnerships with many domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers and primary parts suppliers including SGMW, SGM, Geely Automobile, SVW, Dongfeng Nissan, GM UZ and Calsonic, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Dongfeng Behr, Valeo, TITANX and Bergstorm, Chaoli is well positioned in the world marketplace.

    With a global perspective, Chaoli sees its future as a “Lead Chinese Company in the Industrialization Process” with an innovative spirit that will with make it a “Best Partner for World Customers”.

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